Fortnite Battlepass: Know all About it

Fortnite Battlepass: Know All About It

Fortnite Battlepass: Know all About it

Fortnite Battlepass: Know all About it

Online games become the main source and entertainment and people love to play online games and win the price. Fortnite Royal Battle games require V-Bucks that are the in game currency. Here are some legal ways with which you can earn free fortnite vbucks. The methods are as below:

Daily Login

This is the first way, it can be done by login in the Save the world mode every day. At every day you will earn rewards that range from cosmetics items to V-Bucks. This method is easiest to complete.

Complete Daily Quests:

After entering into the Save the world mode, you can access to daily quest and they are similar to daily challenges in Battle Royal. With each day, you will get a one daily quest to complete a certain task. These tasks include killing the X enemies or completion of X missions. Once you have completed these, you will get minimum of 50 VBucks. You can get the maximum amount of three daily quests.

Complete Storm Shield Missions:

The third method to earn V-Bucks for free fortnite battlepass is to complete Storm Shield Missions. In this mission you can unlock the bucks as you keep on progressing. It has four area an each area has six missions. In this you can earn 100 V bucks for all

Complete Challenges & Side Quests:

These are other types of quest which can earn you free vbucks. You can complete the challenges up to 10 times and you can earn 50 bucks upon completion

Participate in the Events:

Event participation provides you lots of item including V-bucks. These events happen weekly and these have many different quests by which you can earn free vbucks

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